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The magical world of Korean and Vietnamese

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This journal was created as a community for people of Korean and Vietnamese descent/ethnicity, to get together and share their culture, language, and anything else they want to talk about. It grew out of the idea that these two countries have strikingly similar social and political histories (vietnam/korean wars, divided countries and governments, international adoption, getting screwed over by other countries), traditional dress, music, etc. And I'll admit I'm also interested because I'm a Korean American dating a Vietnamese American. The point is that Vietnamese and Korean people are awesome and the two groups should join together and become Koreatnamese.

The only rules are that:
-You must either have Korean or Vietnamese in your blood or are some sort of supporter of the idea of Koreatnam (This means you can be Korean American, Vietnamese immigrant, half Korean, quarter Korean, Vietnamese in Germany, native Korean/vietnamese living in respective countries, Vietnamese-born Korean, Koreatnamese (half and half) or basically anything that has some Korean or Vietnamese. Or I guess it doesn't really matter. The more the merrier haha
-You must be respectful and keep an open mind
-The moderator has the right to ban anyone from the community for being disrespectful

There really is no specific topic for this community but it would be great if you stuck to talking about things that have to do with either Korea, Vietnam, or the relationship between the two. Self introductions are welcome too!

Anyway, welcome to Koreatnam! Invite all your friends!