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Korean Movie in Vietnam

Someone posted this in the Korean_Cinema community (also created by me). It's a Korean movie that takes place in Vietnam so of course I had to post it in this community. Has anyone seen this?

알포인트 (R-Point)
Release Information:
Directed by: Kong Su Chang
Released by: Cinema Service (2004)
Running time: 106 minutes
Genre: Horror | Thriller | War
Purchase: YesAsia | AsianDB

During the Vietnam War, a group of South Korean soldiers mysteriously go missing outside Ho Chi Mihn City, in an area known as 'Romeo Point'. Only the commanding officer is found, babbling incoherently and practically mutilated, swearing there were no Viet Con in R-Point. Even more disturbing, even after months had passed, Chosun headquarters still receive radio transmissions from the men asking for help. In order to clear it up, stoic Lieutenant Choi Tae In (Kam Wu Seong) is recruited to head a platoon into R-Point to find any evidence of the missing soldiers or the whereabouts of the transmissions.

The men for the platoon are recruited from a squad a week away from being sent home, lured with guaruntees that R-Point is a 'no combat' zone, and that the mission is to only last seven days and upon completion, the men will be immediately flown home without having to wait on a carrier ship to return. The eight soldiers who sign up are casual on the mission, but a little leery of their two commanding offiers - one who is trusted as a warrior but known for his heartlessness in combat, and quiet, brooding Tae In who has a reputation for getting his men into deadly situations.

And so the hopeful group enter their designated area, only to immediately be attacked by a lone gunsman - who turns out to be a young Vietnamese girl that they leave wounded and for dead. Coming upon a gravestone written in Chinese characters, the soldiers learn that their destination is cursed, and that "those with blood on their hands can never turn back". By nightfall, the men become more and more tense, sharing stories of their commanders and the fate of the missing men.

By morning, the platoon find themselves before a huge, decrepit building, empty save for a few leftover odds and ends. They set up base inside the building, and begin combing the area for any sign of the missing soldiers. Things start to turn ugly when each of the ten men start to see strange things, and believe in the worse. An old shrine area is found, where incense is mysteriously kept burning by an unknown force. And their radioman begins to receive trasmissions from a French soldier, on the same night as American soldiers chopper in to check the batteries in the building - American soldiers who also warn them of the dangers. Soon the men are at each others' throats, believing in the curse of R-Point and wondering if they'll actually make it home alive.
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