journey inwards (jungle_of_stars) wrote in koreatnam,
journey inwards


So I've been trying to teach myself how to make Korean food. One of the biggest problems with cooking Korean food is making it taste like it does in Korea. I'm guessing it's just the lack of ingredients here.

So does anyone have any tips on what brands or ingredients to use? What type of store-bought kimchi is the best? (I'm not gonna attempt to make it just yet)

Does anyone have any good recipes? I especially want recipes for bibimbap, oi kimchi, mul kimchi, and different types of jiggae.

I'd also like to hear some good Vietnamese recipes too if ya got em.
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I am curious: is this community on its deathbed?
My boyfriend is korean and he made kinchi jiggae a couple of times, I kinda know how he made it but the exact ingredients I have to ask from him, but kimchi jiggae is one of my favorites. As far as I know the essential ingredient to knimchi jiggae aside form kimchi is the dashida, and he sauteed the meat, spring onions, kimchi, a little bit of kimchi juice etc. in sesame oil. I have recipe of bibimbap and I will ask my boyfriend fro the kmchi jiggae recipe. I will post it here before I leave from work today :)
Sorry I just realized I have a lot of typos. I should have read it again before I posted it.
I think all store bought Kimchi sucks. I mean if your talking about from KROGER or something than of course it's probably going to be bad. But if you have an Asian market near you (or at least the one's around where I live) the people that own the store make it and sell it theselves and then it's alright. The best kind of kimchi I eat is made from a certified Korean mommy :-D. So your best bet is to go to an Asian market and ask them about it.