journey inwards (jungle_of_stars) wrote in koreatnam,
journey inwards


I know we have a couple Koreatnamese people in the community. For those of you that are...

what was it like growing up combining the two cultures?
Did one dominate the household?
Did the two cultures ever come into conflict with each other?
Any similarities as far as values, manners, food, etc?

For those of you who are vietnamese and dated Korean or visa versa what are your experiences?
Did your parents have problems with you dating a person from the other culture?
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I'm dating a very cute Korean girl and nothing could be better. My parents have always been pretty liberal about who I date so I personally have not had any culture clashes.
growing up..i didnt realize that we, my sisters and i, were learning from two different cultures. my parents didnt make it a big deal, like a in yo face kinda thing. which was good, but at the same time, i dont remember either of the languages i should know. =/

its kinda hard to say if one dominated the other, my dad had the last say in a lot of situations he knows about, but at the same time, my momma deals with so much more than he knows. make sense? i think all families are like that tho.

we have a lot of conflict between the korean/viet families. we cant have family gatherings with both sides of the family. its not that they hate each other, but i think its a pride/social thing.

personally, the korean fam are really nice and well open to new ideas. but my dad's side, theyre very stubborn and trapt by thier own beliefs.

even with that, theres little tiffs and arugments between us on my dad's side. whenever we have family dinners or something, one family doesnt show up. its really quite immature and awkward but it never ends. ha, i could go on about this, but this is long enough. =X



March 12 2004, 19:40:22 UTC 14 years ago

hey came across this while browsing lj. im an 18 yr old vietnamese guy living in kc. pretty much the only similarity i know between korean and vietnamese is the word for "ready." through my study of taekwondo i learned that korean for ready is "chun bi" or something to that effect. in vietnamese it is pretty much exactly the same pronunciation. yea thats pretty much all i had to say. wait oh i guess when i went to vietnam there were a lot of korean owned dogmeat restaurants in hanoi.
hrrmm why is it that korean people and viet people don't like each other? .. I mean I know I can't be the only person to notice this.

well I'm korean and I am dating a viet guy right now.

... we eat a lot of viet food. or at least I do anyways, but I'm full korean and my parents are the hardcore immigrants so I am like so Korean. lol yeah.


October 23 2007, 15:58:02 UTC 10 years ago

I'm a hot foxy 20 year old Korean girl born and raised in London. My boyfriend is one hot Vietnamese boy same age also born and raised in London.. and all I can tell you is that I love him and I guess I get along with him more because we're both born in London and we act like a normal couple from London..

Before I met him, I always thought Korean's were better than the Vietnamese in everyway because in the past, I met vietnamese people who were extremely rude, violent and uneducated, but that doesn't mean I can start stereotyping them right? After meeting my boyfriend, I've met his other Viet friends and a lot of them were doing better than most Koreans I know. I've dated Korean guys in the past and nobody beats the man I'm with now.

We do get into silly arguments which lead us to cussing each other's background, however we just end up laughing about it.. nothing serious lol.

By the way his mum loves me and my mum just wants me to meet a man that will treat me good and has good morals so all is gravy baby :)


November 8 2010, 05:53:45 UTC 7 years ago

Hey, so glad to hear that about you & your boyfriend. Our situation is kinda the same except I'm Vietnamese & mu hubby is Korean. Haha, I thought Koreans were awful until I met my hubby, well... I still think awful of most Koreans because of personal experiences & from what I see but I love my hubby to death & we made cute kids^^


January 7 2009, 18:08:56 UTC 9 years ago

I'm a 21 year-old Korean guy dating a 20 year-old Vietnamese girl. We've been together for about 3.5 years now. We both grew up in L.A. so there wasn't really culture clashes between us. I mean c'mon, it's L.A. We shared a lot of each other's foods; she likes Korean food and I like Vietnamese food (as long as there isn't too much fish sauce, sorry :)

My parents liked her right away 'cause she's so damn cute and both of our families are very Catholic. It took me a while for me to warm up to her parents because she took longer breaking the news to them. They're a little more old fashioned than my parents but she and I are both 2nd generation. Her mom is starting to like me, I think, but I still feel her dad is like "who the eff is this guy?". We're still just dating so both of our parents haven't had the chance to meet yet.

Things could get serious so I wonder sometimes about being in a family with mixed cultures. Learning the languages could pose a tough obstacle I think.



December 9 2010, 14:27:13 UTC 7 years ago

I'm positive not all Korean guys are the same, but I'm a 23 year old Vietnamese girl that dated a 25 year old Korean guy on and off for roughly around 3 years.

To keep it short, he was-
A hypocrit.
Very stubborn.
A douchebag.
And just plain cold hearted.

He was never satisfied with what he had, and since girls liked him, he was always keeping them around to make himself feel better. Which was weird and hurtful. I'm not the prettiest girl in the world, but I knew I was a catch so it always confused me when he kept girls around that were gross and ugly (it sounds biased coming from me, lol, but I thought this even before I dated him). Everyone wondered that, even his own friends.

As for the family part, his parents didn't like me when they first met me because I wasn't Korean. It was kind of frustrating and hurtful to deal with actually, because his mom wouldn't really even try to like me, and they'd fight a lot about me. After a lot of trying and ass-kissing, she warmed up to me and is fine with me now, which is sad because we're not together anymore so all that trying went down the drain. My parents were fine with him except for what happened with us in the past (cheating and stuff), my mom just didn't trust him cause she felt like he was unhealthy and toxic to me. Which ended up being true.

Mmm, idk if this is with all koreans, but he had an anger problem. He'd fume with anger a lot when we fought and sometimes he'd manhandle me, but I take part blame cause I would act up too sometimes and provoke it.

He seemed very superficial sometimes. It was always money and nice car and clothes. But he wasn't as bad as a lot of other korean people I know since all my friends are majority korean.

He thought he was better than everyone all the time. Which was annoying.

Other than that, I'd say I wouldn't date a Korean guy again. I know they're not all the same, but sometimes you never really know. They're tricky.