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The magical world of Korean and Vietnamese
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Monday, October 12th, 2009
6:30 pm
Job in South Korea. November 26-29, 2009
Hello everyone!

Our company is looking for girl-translator for working on the exhibition in Busan (http://www.gstar.or.kr/parti/eng/).

We need a translator from Russian to Korean and inside out.
Date: 26-29 of November, 2009
City: Pusan

Please e-mail me for details on alina.mamii[at]nivalnetwork.com
Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
12:04 pm
wow, what an exciting comm!
oh well.

so i, myself, am half korean and half vietnamese. i was just wondering if there are any other half and halfs out there. so where are you ppls?

Current Mood: curious
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
11:10 am
Korean Movie in Vietnam
Someone posted this in the Korean_Cinema community (also created by me). It's a Korean movie that takes place in Vietnam so of course I had to post it in this community. Has anyone seen this?

알포인트 (R-Point)
Release Information:
Directed by: Kong Su Chang
Released by: Cinema Service (2004)
Running time: 106 minutes
Genre: Horror | Thriller | War
Purchase: YesAsia | AsianDB

During the Vietnam War, a group of South Korean soldiers mysteriously go missing outside Ho Chi Mihn City, in an area known as 'Romeo Point'. Only the commanding officer is found, babbling incoherently and practically mutilated, swearing there were no Viet Con in R-Point. Even more disturbing, even after months had passed, Chosun headquarters still receive radio transmissions from the men asking for help. In order to clear it up, stoic Lieutenant Choi Tae In (Kam Wu Seong) is recruited to head a platoon into R-Point to find any evidence of the missing soldiers or the whereabouts of the transmissions.

The men for the platoon are recruited from a squad a week away from being sent home, lured with guaruntees that R-Point is a 'no combat' zone, and that the mission is to only last seven days and upon completion, the men will be immediately flown home without having to wait on a carrier ship to return. The eight soldiers who sign up are casual on the mission, but a little leery of their two commanding offiers - one who is trusted as a warrior but known for his heartlessness in combat, and quiet, brooding Tae In who has a reputation for getting his men into deadly situations.

And so the hopeful group enter their designated area, only to immediately be attacked by a lone gunsman - who turns out to be a young Vietnamese girl that they leave wounded and for dead. Coming upon a gravestone written in Chinese characters, the soldiers learn that their destination is cursed, and that "those with blood on their hands can never turn back". By nightfall, the men become more and more tense, sharing stories of their commanders and the fate of the missing men.

By morning, the platoon find themselves before a huge, decrepit building, empty save for a few leftover odds and ends. They set up base inside the building, and begin combing the area for any sign of the missing soldiers. Things start to turn ugly when each of the ten men start to see strange things, and believe in the worse. An old shrine area is found, where incense is mysteriously kept burning by an unknown force. And their radioman begins to receive trasmissions from a French soldier, on the same night as American soldiers chopper in to check the batteries in the building - American soldiers who also warn them of the dangers. Soon the men are at each others' throats, believing in the curse of R-Point and wondering if they'll actually make it home alive.
Monday, March 21st, 2005
1:35 pm
Cool Vietnamese T-shirts
I got my Hot as Pho shirts in today!! haha...i'm wearing the hoody right now. I was wondering if anyone else had gotten some of their stuff yet? Their site is www.hotaspho.com. So far I got the hot as pho, the pho shizzle shirts and the what the pho hoody. I hope they start coming out with more shirts soon so I can get some more.
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
7:00 pm
So I've been trying to teach myself how to make Korean food. One of the biggest problems with cooking Korean food is making it taste like it does in Korea. I'm guessing it's just the lack of ingredients here.

So does anyone have any tips on what brands or ingredients to use? What type of store-bought kimchi is the best? (I'm not gonna attempt to make it just yet)

Does anyone have any good recipes? I especially want recipes for bibimbap, oi kimchi, mul kimchi, and different types of jiggae.

I'd also like to hear some good Vietnamese recipes too if ya got em.
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
1:48 am
hi, i just joined your community, and was wondering if anyone could tell me about South korea, seoul,
or the town of Islan? i'm very intrested and would like to know anything you can tell me about it, and maybe what an american should excpet upon travling?
thanks everyone!!!
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
10:54 pm
Umm.. I dated a korean guy and it was the biggest mistake of my life. He was very pushy.Everything had to go his way so dating me was a a big change to him. You may say that thats how all guys are. Let me tell you he expected his mother to clean the apartment for him, his girlfriend to cook for him, calls him up to eat then wash the dish all this while he does nothing.His veiws of the female is that they should keep quite, worshiped their man, and best of all.. she has to have looks. By this I mean she has to be pretty, cute, sexy, or hot.Anything else please don't even try to look his way. But best of all this would be his view.. that it's fine for a guy to cheat on their girlfriend.But if the girl does this then she's a whore, or slut. I'm not saying all korean guys are like that but I do have a few korean friends and either the girls only think of money and looks and the guys are always very pushy and they are very arrogant.

Current Mood: cynical
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
12:31 pm
gossip circles
ok. i know this is a general asian issue but,

when im surrounded by koreans and vietnamese folks...i want all hell to break loose so i can get away.

its just too much...

Current Mood: irate
Friday, March 19th, 2004
1:24 am
wow....i was just wondering.
why is hyori so hot? everytime i turn
on my computer, there she is on the wallpaper
advertising some phone that isnt going to
come to the US...yet i want it....oh so
badly...*drooL*..i think all that infernal
drooling is killing my computer.....

<3 matt, the pirate.

ArgH =]

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
10:22 pm
I know we have a couple Koreatnamese people in the community. For those of you that are...

what was it like growing up combining the two cultures?
Did one dominate the household?
Did the two cultures ever come into conflict with each other?
Any similarities as far as values, manners, food, etc?

For those of you who are vietnamese and dated Korean or visa versa what are your experiences?
Did your parents have problems with you dating a person from the other culture?
Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
8:19 pm
Hey there~

My name is Jenny, I'm 15, I live in Florida, I'm a Freshman in High School. My parents are from South Korea

I was born in Georgia, been to Korea twice. I'm going this summer for my cousin's wedding.
Saturday, March 6th, 2004
3:24 pm
how fun
Well, I don't really see all the cultural similarities, but I can understand that every culture has similarities to each other.

hi I'm Sara, a half Korean half Vietnamese 21 year old. so you know that i was def. interested in this community =P

But yes, I have the best of both worlds which gets really crazy. Family differences are a pain in the ass, but I guess that just goes with having a family with different beliefs and backgrounds coming together.

i haven't met a whole lota other, as i always called us, korviets [pronounced corvettes], except that i dated one about a year ago. now lemme tell you, THAT was interesting.

so yep. food is entirely grand in my house. =D

Current Mood: impressed
11:04 pm
This topic was in the asam community actually so I stole it from them. What's your favorite Asian food?

Mine are:

Kimchi (fermented cabbage made with garlic and pepper
kimchi jiggae (spicy thick kimchi soup)
Bulgogi (Korean-style marinated beef)

The only Vietnamese food I've tried is pho and I really liked it. But I've only eaten it once and that was in Korea so it might have been koreanized Vietnamese food, funny as that sounds.
Friday, February 27th, 2004
10:22 pm
Anyone into K-pop? And does V-pop or Vietnamese Pop exist? I don't know anything about Vietnamese music. Is it similar to K-pop, J-pop etc?

I actually hated K-pop or any kind of pop music before I came to Korea last fall. For some reason it's really caught on. I still don't love it but there's a couple singers I don't mind like Whee-Sung, GOD, and I hate to say it but Bi is alright.
Friday, February 20th, 2004
12:46 am
why, i was talking on AIM with my buddies, and i suddenly get this one very interesting link. i click and what do i see? TWO HILARIOUS ASIAN UC BERKELEY PEOPLE SINGING A HILARIOUS SONG! woot woot. i lost the link [darnit].....wait! miraculous! here we go. http://www.milkandcookies.com/links/12213/ and shall we say...milk and cereal *milk and cereal* milk and cereal *cereal and milk* KOOKOO FOR COCOAPUFFS! haha. the song makes me spaz out...must..watch...again! because im a girl...too...sad...=*[...

love from the bay,

matt vu
[the linkin park, hoobastank, POD, story of the year concert rocked.....linkin park is some percentage asian...o_O]

Current Mood: spaz-stic
12:13 am
Hello, my name is Hai. I am Vietnamese American. I came over to the US when I was about 5. I am now 23. I was born in Saigon and left Vietnam under the cover of darkness. Actually I don't know if I did or not, but I like to pretend I did. It goes over well with new people I meet. I'm sure I will be posting a lot in this community. Not only am I Vietnamese, I am dating a hot Korean American girl :) Well, it's nice to meet everyone!
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
11:02 am
Well someone mentioned Korean dramas in their post. I just started getting into them over here in Korea last fall. People are always crying in them! Theyre pretty addicting though. I heard Vietnamese really like Korean dramas. Is that true? Koreans either have dramas or silly game shows with stupid humor where they make everyone have crazy competitions.

I have never seen Vietnamese TV before. What is it like? Do they have anything similar to Korean dramas?
Monday, February 16th, 2004
9:49 am
i like koreans =)

pardon my spelling... take tehse as pronuncitaions...



korean dramas are always so sad... you've all seen "because i'm a girl" by kiss, right? so sad... i liked "my sassy girl".

oh yeah, introducing meself... viet, california - socal! but i'm at berkeley right now, 18, random, weird.

hmm now that i think of it, i actually had more korean friends than viet friends in h.s.

Current Mood: bouncy
10:46 am
Sup yo. : )

highly_unusual managed to get me to join the koreatnam group from the Vietnamese Community. Credits to him for that!

'guess I'll introduce myself.

I'm Cuong. I'm actually a Vietnamese-American so hopefully I don't get kicked of this community from reading the rules and regulation. I suppose this sort of cause in tying cultures together as well as learning from tradition to tradition. I'm 20 years old from Syracuse, New York.

I didn't share much an experience with Koreans until last fall when I stayed in this friendly Korean-French Hostel in Paris. The hostel was well managed and known to Koreans only, but my Korean travelling friend from NYC found out about the hostel after meeting some korean girls from the South. Actually it's a long story on how we found out about the hostel. I could write down if people wanna here it.

All I know is Korea is a country that I'd like to visit in the future and I'm glad I made contact with those I met at the hostel. It's located at the Ville-Juif subway branch and was only 20 euros are night along with breakfast and dinner and warm showers. This sort of stay kind encouraged me to want to learn Korean as well.

Maybe I can do that in the future.
Sunday, February 15th, 2004
3:16 am
o_O wowzers=] this might be intweeging. well..im a 14 [15 in 2 weeks] vietnamese guy in california. i dont know about you dudes and duettes, but does it make you make when people write "azn"? might jsut be me...huh..well...maybe i will think better when its actually light outside

Current Mood: amused
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